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Migraine Advocacy Update

This February witnessed the tenth anniversary of "Headache on the Hill", the highly successful annual advocacy event, sponsored by the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA),...

Migraine and Epilepsy

"Epilepsy is more than a seizure. It's a life changing and threatening condition affecting the person and their families terribly." (Julie Clark, Scotland, UK, 2017)    We can easily...

Vestibular Migraine

The Vestibular Migraine Mystery    The medical community is just now waking up to the high prevalence of vestibular migraine (VM). Current estimates vary but VM...

Anti-CGRP Medications: An Update

A  breakthrough year indeed! With CGRP antibodies leading the charge. It has been over a year since we reported on the great promise of CGRP antibodies...

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2017: A breakthrough year for migraine?

The last year has been one of enormous promise for the prevention and treatment of migraine disease. Vigorous clinical trials of CGRP antibodies being aggressively pursued...
Childhood Migraine

Childhood Migraine Disorders Revisited

There are several reasons we are re-visiting this subject, the focus of a newsletter 8 months ago. First, recent tweets on this subject have shown an...

AMD begins their podcast series “Shades of Migraine”

AMD begins their podcast series "Shades of Migraine"

Association of Migraine Disorders raises $14,000 for neuroscience research

The Association of Migraine Disorders raised $14,000 for research at its third annual Mad Hatter Party, held June 23 at the Squantum Association in East Providence....

Traumatic Brain Injuries and Migraines

Traumatic Brain Injury and Migraines: Civilian and Military Implications Consideration of this subject brings us to the intersection of some of the most critical issues challenging...

Migraine: Myth versus Reality

“There is no condition of such magnitude that is as shrouded in myth, misinformation, and mistreatment as is this condition [Migraine], and there are few conditions...
Dr. Godley Answering Questions

Dr. Godley Answers Five Questions in Providence Business News

1. What is a migraine, and how can you know you’re having one? A traditional migraine headache is an intense, throbbing pain that most people associate with...