Raising funds for bold migraine research

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Our Mission

The Association of Migraine Disorders® strives to expand the understanding of migraine and its true scope by supporting research, education, and awareness.


Providing seed funding, stimulating collaborative networking and cultivating a new generation of experts


Delivering easily accessible education to providers and patients


Enhancing visibility of migraine disease through social media and direct advocacy

Research Advisory Committee

AMD is led by a dynamic research advisory committee of leading researchers and medical professionals from around the world. 


of people with migraine have yet to be diagnosed


of people with migraine have a family history with migraine


of people with migraine face difficulties or discrimination at work because of their condition

Our Latest Blogs

Meet Lindsay and Skylar – A Mother-Daughter Duo Living with Migraine

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Migraine entered my life in college and grew progressively

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Meet Eula – A Combat War Veteran Living with Migraine

I dealt with menstrual headaches as a teenager, but nothing

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Spotlight on Migraine®

Join us for fresh perspectives by medical experts and advocates as we explore the spectrum of migraine and dig deeper into this complex disease.

Free Online CME Course

A Migraine Toolbox

A practical approach to diagnosis and treatment

The Migraine Toolbox is a free, comprehensive “how-to” course in managing migraine. It covers the diagnosis and treatment of this disease. It includes downloadable practical tools – including questionnaires, medication guidelines for clinicians, a patient brochure and other resources. Those with migraine have many symptoms and therefore are seen by a wide range of medical professionals. This educational program will enable primary care physicians, nurses, pharmacists, gastroenterologists, and other non-headache specialists to care for these patients.

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