The Association of Migraine Disorders strives to expand the understanding of migraine and its true scope by supporting research, education, and awareness.


Providing seed funding, stimulating collaborative networking and cultivating a new generation of experts


Delivering easily accessible education to providers and patients


Enhancing visibility of migraine disease through social media and direct advocacy

Migraine Impacts Everyone

There are 39 million Americans living with migraine disease but the number of those impacted is far greater. Whether you live with migraine or know someone who does, Shades for Migraine is a fun and easy way to raise awareness for this disease. On June 21, show you care and wear a pair of shades to stand in solidarity with those living with migraine.


of people with migraine have yet to be diagnosed


of people with migraine have a family history with migraine


of people with migraine face difficulties or discrimination at work because of their condition

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Our Podcast


a podcast that puts a spotlight on the true scope of migraine with the help of patients, advocates, researchers and professional caregivers

Free Online CME Course

A Migraine Toolbox

A practical approach to diagnosis and treatment

The online course is a unique educational product designed to engage a broad range of medical professionals in the management of migraine. The first module, “Diagnosis” is currently available as a free online course for CME credit on MyCME.

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