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Spotlight on Migraine® is a podcast that explores the mysteries of migraine from many perspectives: patients, advocates, caregivers, health professionals and researchers.

Sponsored in-part by Pfizer, AbbVie and Lundbeck

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PACAP as a Future Migraine Target - Spotlight On Migraine - Cover

S6:Ep5 – PACAP as a Future Migraine Target

Hemiplegic Migraine & Migraine with Unilateral Symptoms (MUMS) - Spotlight On Migraine - Cover

S6:Ep4 – Hemiplegic Migraine & Migraine with Unilateral Motor Symptoms (MUMS)

Conquering Dizziness

S6:Ep3 – Conquering Dizziness: Everything You Need to Know About Vestibular Symptoms, Vestibular Migraine, and How to Manage

Physical Therapy As A Migraine Treatment - Spotlight On Migraine - Cover - 1

S6:Ep2 – Physical Therapy as a Migraine Treatment

What is Refractory Migraine - Cover

S6:Ep1 – What is Refractory Migraine?


S5:Ep12 – Understanding Medication Overuse Headache (Rebound Headache)

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S5:Ep11 – Service Dogs for Migraine Support

Dark Podcast Thumbnail (5)

S5:Ep10 – Tips for Adding Magnesium to Your Migraine Treatment Plan

Podcast Thumbnail (Light) (1)

S5:Ep9 – Everything You Need to Know About Migraine Auras

Dark Podcast Thumbnail (4)

S5:Ep8 – Managing Migraine by Combining Conventional and Alternative Treatments

Podcast Thumbnail (Light) (1)

S5:Ep7 – Understanding and Managing Migraine in Kids and Teens

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S5:Ep6 – A Pilot Study Investigates the Effects of Psilocybin for Migraine

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