Patient Resources

Tools to Help People with Migraine

Play an active role in your healthcare by learning about migraine disease. We have created and curated a selection of resources to help keep you informed on migraine, from treatments to triggers and more. Hear from experts in the migraine community in our podcast, get advice from patients going through similar journeys to you on the blog and discover resources from other migraine organizations.

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Types of Migraine


Natural Remedies

Partner Resources

Global Health Living Foundation

Migraine Patient Guidelines

Coalition for Headache and Migraine Patients

Insurance Financial Assistance Guides

Patient Advocate Foundation

Migraine Careline

A dedicated phone number that provides one-on-one case management assistance for those with migraine who need help appealing insurance denials, assisting with the Social Security or employer disability process


CME for your doctor

Print and share this handout with your primary care physician, gynecologist, dentist, nurses and other healthcare providers!

A Migraine Toolbox CME handout.