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Be an ally in your healthcare by learning about migraine disease. We have created and curated a selection of resources to help keep you informed on the latest updates in migraine, from treatments to triggers and more. Hear from experts in the migraine community in our podcast series, get advice from patients going through similar journeys to you and discover resources from other migraine organizations.

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Types of Migraine


Natural Remedies

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Certified Headache Doctor Directory

Locate certified headache centers, specialists, and practices providing care to children and teens in your area.

Non-Headache Specialist Directory

Medical professionals that are not headache specialists but do treat migraine patients.

Alternative Medicine Directory

Individuals with a variety of specialties, ranging from migraine strategists, natural food coaches, holistic caregivers.

Our Resources

Glossary of Terms and FAQs

Our glossary contains definitions of terms pertaining to migraine disease.

Reference Library

Organized by category, our reference library of third party links will help you identify and locate additional resources of potential interest.

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