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The Association of Migraine Disorders has created a number of programs to help fulfill its mission to expand the understanding of migraine through research, education and awareness. These programs benefit the overall migraine community by reaching patients, advocates, medical professionals and researchers.


The Migraine Science Collaborative is a membership-based, targeted resource hub and communication platform for researchers and medical professionals. The Migraine Science Collaborative strives to form an inter-institutional and multi-disciplinary network of migraine researchers and medical professionals in an effort to increase and enhance research in the fields of migraine, cluster and headache disease.


Spotlight on Migraine is a bi-weekly podcast that explores the mysteries of migraine from many perspectives:

patients, advocates, caregivers, health professionals and researchers.

The Migraine Symposium and Awards Ceremony is a one-day educational and celebratory event that expands our understanding of migraine with the help of presentations by more than 35 experts and advocates from around the country. Each year, we dive into different topics to explore the spectrum of migraine. The symposium is divided into two tracks, one tailored to medical professionals and the other to patients and the general public, however, both programs are open to all attendees. The symposium is followed by an awards ceremony to honor individuals that have been making a difference in the migraine community. Awards are given in three areas: Innovation, Impact and Advocacy. 

The Migraine Toolbox is a free, comprehensive “how to” course in managing migraine. It covers the diagnosis and treatment of this disease. It includes downloadable practical tools – including questionnaires, medication guidelines for clinicians, a patient brochure and other resources. Those with migraine have many symptoms and therefore are seen by a wide range of medical professionals. This educational program will enable primary care physicians, nurses, pharmacists, gastroenterologists, and other non-headache specialists to care for these patients.


Shades for Migraine is a global awareness campaign that was created as a way to create a viral buzz around a disease that affects more than 1 billion people worldwide. The campaign revolves around challenging people to “show they care and wear a pair” of sunglasses on (and around) June 21st to show their support for people living with migraine. Participants spread the message through social media by sharing a picture of themselves wearing sunglasses and challenging others to do it, too. The campaign is supported by more than 49 international organizations and bloggers have come together to promote the initiative.

A Migraine Club provides students the opportunity to find personal support, educate others, and destigmatize the disease. AMD offers resources and support to those who start a club. Clubs can hold meetings, support groups, educational events, fundraisers, and more.

If you are interested in sponsoring one or more of these programs, please contact [email protected]

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