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What to Look Forward to In 2020

What to Look Forward to in 2020

The years of migraine flying under the radar are behind us. Though there is still much progress to be made, the last few years have been some of the most monumental we’ve seen for the migraine community, making us all the more excited for 2020. Last year brought us groundbreaking treatments, new research and heightened awareness, but our work isn’t done. There is so much to be hopeful for in 2020. Here’s what we are looking forward to…

Headache on the Hill – February 10-11

It has been amazing to see the growth of Headache on the Hill since 2007 and this year is no different! Headache on the Hill gives patients the opportunity to meet with politicians from every state to prove that migraine deserves more attention. 

Learn more about Headache on the Hill here.

Migraine Symposium & Awards Ceremony – March 28 

Each year we exponentially grow our annual educational and celebratory event. This year, we will have a whopping 36 speakers presenting on various topics in migraine! Our speakers are coming from around the US and Canada to share their expertise in this one-day event. This year’s hot topics include the Interplay Between Migraine and Mental Health, the Link between GI Health and Migraine, Pediatric Migraine Management, Migraine and Brain Injury, Migraine Products and Apps, Innovations in Care and lastly, New and Pipeline Treatments. We are looking forward to getting all of these thought-leaders together in one place to spark new conversations in the field of migraine. Whether you’re a patient, caregiver or medical professional this is an event you won’t want to miss. You can sign up to be notified when registration opens here. 

If you won’t be in the New England area on March 28 don’t worry, many of these presentations will be recorded and released throughout 2020 on our podcast, Spotlight on Migraine.

Retreat Migraine April 17-19

We know we are not alone when we say we are excited about Retreat Migraine! Retreat Migraine is the ultimate opportunity for members of the migraine community to connect in person. Featuring workshops, expert speakers, therapy sessions, support groups and more, RetreatMigraine is an amazing opportunity for those who are able to attend. Though registration has closed for 2020, keep an eye on CHAMP’s Facebook page for live footage from the event and details for 2021. 

Shades for Migraine – Plus, a special new addition to the campaign! – June 21

June will be here before we know it and our preparation for Shades for Migraine never ceases! Throughout the year we are coming up with ways to make Shades for Migraine bigger and better to get migraine publicly recognized around the globe. This year, with the help of partners and volunteers, we are bringing Shades for Migraine to the streets at iconic landmarks in cities around the world in our newest initiative, Taking it to the Streets. With this new addition, we hope to reach more of the general public to spread information on the true impact of migraine disease. Events are already being planned in Boston, NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portugal, Australia, Switzerland and Finland. Stay tuned for more details as SFM launches this initiative in the next few weeks.

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The Release of Gepants and Ditans- Exact timeline unknown

The migraine treatments keep on coming. Now more than ever, there is a reason for people with migraine to be hopeful. After 2018’s groundbreaking treatment releases, 2020 seems like it will follow suit with the release of Ditans and Gepants.

In the last quarter of 2019, Lasmiditan, a ditan, and one of the gepants called Ubrogepant received FDA approval for the acute treatment of migraine. Rimegepant, a second gepant in the pipeline, is expected to receive FDA approval within the first quarter of 2020. Like the current CGRP medications available, gepants and ditans boast positive efficacy, minimal side effects and are safe for most people with cardiovascular issues.

Get more information on these medications and others in the pipeline here.

Progress Made In Our Migraine Research Initiative – Ongoing

In 2019, we introduced our newest program called the Migraine Research Initiative. While we look forward to seeing the work that comes from the Migraine Research Roundtable as members identify gaps in research and narrow in on potential projects, we are extremely excited for the relaunch of our Migraine Science Collaborative online community. The Migraine Science Collaborative will engage medical professionals and basic and clinical researchers from around the world. The online community is designed to encourage cross-collaboration, welcome non-migraine researchers to the migraine community, and provide support to young investigators. Stay tuned for its launch planned for March 2020!

Migraine Clubs- Ongoing

Over the past year, we have realized there is a growing need for migraine support within the community, particularly at universities. Migraine Clubs can give people the opportunity to build a community of others like them, within their school or workplace. Clubs can hold fundraisers, support groups, speaking events, lectures and more while giving members the chance to connect with others and enhance their resume. 

We’re excited to work with the National Headache Foundation and their Migraine University program which provides resources for young people living with migraine disease and headache disorders while trying to navigate their college experience.

To sign up to get more information on starting a club, click here


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