What Do I Do When I Get to the Grocery Store?

It is difficult to follow a diet based on a list of foods to avoid and the last thing you need is a difficult stressful task added to your life. Here is a “Yes” list of foods you can eat. It was created by a patient who is also a nutritionist to save others the stress of following the “No” list. The “Yes” list will make it easier to shop and plan your diet.

Patients with daily migraine symptoms have so much abnormal brain activity that avoidance of a few key trigger foods like coffee, red wine, and chocolate is not enough to bring relief. They may continue to suffer despite medications to elevate the migraine triggering threshold. Most of these patients can find relief if they protect their sensitive brains from all potential migraine triggers. This relief does not come instantly. It may take months for daily symptoms to decrease and to allow some good days. With time the good days will increase in number. Be patient.

The migraine diet is not a calorie restricted diet. You can eat as much as you want of the above meals. It is probably better not to be hungry since hunger will lead you to make bad food choices. Eat something sweet for dessert so your sugar craving is satisfied. While the migraine diet is adaptable to a weight loss program, it is best not to diet in the first month as you learn how to eat migraine-free.
Will I need to eat “migraine free” forever? No. Once your sensitive brain has calmed down you can decide with your physician to start adding foods back to your diet in an organized way that allows you to find out which foods are “key” triggers for you and which are “potential” triggers. Key triggers will elicit migraine symptoms within 2 days of being introduced and should be avoided.

In the next article we will list migraine safe foods by category.

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