The MRF and the AMD Announce the Opening of a Joint Request for Proposals for Migraine Research Grants

The Migraine Research Foundation (MRF) and the Association of Migraine Disorders (AMD) announce the opening of a joint Request for Proposals for migraine research grants. MRF is committed to discovering the causes, improving the treatments, and finding a cure, and AMD stimulates increased research specifically in the area of migraine disorders.

We’re looking for projects that will help sufferers by improving the understanding and treatment of migraine. We provide seed money grants for projects that are important, achievable, and innovative that will ultimately lead to better treatments and quality of life for sufferers of migraine and migraine disorders.

While we welcome all proposals relevant to basic or clinical migraine research, we’re particularly interested in translational projects and those related to migraine variants, childhood migraine, and chronic migraine.

Click here to view the guidelines and grant application.

Due to the large number of grant requests we receive, applications must follow the required format and conform to the guidelines to be considered.

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