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Migraine Treatment Developments On the Horizon in 2021

In spite of COVID-19 and its impact on many of our programs, we have continued to focus our efforts on a variety of initiatives and have made great strides.


How Concussion and PTSD May Complicate Migraine Disease

Migraine disease can be challenging to treat, but it may be even more complicated for patients who have also dealt with concussions and/or PTSD. Current evidence suggests that having one of those conditions puts a patient at risk for more complicated, intractable symptoms for the other conditions.


My Migraine Story: From Fear to Freedom

I am a 41-year old woman living in sunny California, with a wonderful family and a great job. Sounds idyllic, right? The problem is if you look closely, you would see that I am tired and frustrated from my fifteen-year battle with migraine.


How Does Medicare Cover Migraine?

Healthcare costs are 70% higher for a family that includes a person with migraine; however, many of these costs can be covered for older adults under Medicare.


New Migraine Treatments: What’s in the Pipeline

2018 may have been a pivotal year in migraine treatment with the release of CGRP monoclonal antibodies, but that was merely the first wave of new treatments for people with migraine disease. As 2019 winds down, there are more promising treatments in the pipeline than ever before, all aiming at different targets in the migraine process. Some are new kinds of medications that may abort or prevent attacks with fewer risks than other currently available treatments. Others are neuromodulators, devices that patients can apply externally to disrupt the electrical signals during migraine attacks. 

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