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Tips for Avoiding Food Triggers During Summer

Summer can be a tricky season for those managing migraine. So how can we continue to enjoy ourselves and live life to the fullest without triggering symptoms? Here are some tips that may help.


Moms With Migraine, You Are Superheroes

I hid my illness for more years than I can count. I hid the pain, the vomiting, and the vertigo. Now there are two perfect little souls looking to me to shape their world. Being a parent at all with migraine makes you a superhero


How Medical Cannabis Helped Me Break Free from Rebound

Five years ago, I landed in the hospital on day 14 of the worst intractable migraine I had ever experienced. They kept me for three days, trying and failing to break through my pain with a cocktail of various medications. I ended up on a morphine drip.


Why Are Cluster Headaches Affected by the Seasons?

Why cluster headaches are linked to seasonal changes is likely due to the length of the days. How much sunlight there is in a day changes as the seasons shift, making nights shorter and days longer or vice versa.


Why Do We Hate Light? Perhaps the Answer is More Complicated Than We Thought

Why are we as a community of people with migraine so averse to light? At least 40% of us have photophobia to some extent, but none of us really understand it.


What to Look Forward to In 2020

The years of migraine flying under the radar are behind us. Though there is still much progress to be made, the last few years have been some of the most monumental we’ve seen for the migraine community, making us all the more excited for 2020.


How Does Medicare Cover Migraine?

Healthcare costs are 70% higher for a family that includes a person with migraine; however, many of these costs can be covered for older adults under Medicare.


New Migraine Treatments: What’s in the Pipeline

2018 may have been a pivotal year in migraine treatment with the release of CGRP monoclonal antibodies, but that was merely the first wave of new treatments for people with migraine disease. As 2019 winds down, there are more promising treatments in the pipeline than ever before, all aiming at different targets in the migraine process. Some are new kinds of medications that may abort or prevent attacks with fewer risks than other currently available treatments. Others are neuromodulators, devices that patients can apply externally to disrupt the electrical signals during migraine attacks. 


Invalidated, Invisible, Inspired

It wasn’t like I had a brain tumor. This is what I remember most from my first trip to the student health center the first semester of my freshman year.  The doctor loudly exclaiming outside my small sterile examining room that “it wasn’t like [I] had a brain tumor.”


What is strength?

Why? A simple and poignant question. It has been a breakthrough for so many. A three-letter word that cuts toward the core of understanding. I have heard both theoretical scientists and three-year-olds use this same question. Each trying to desperately grow their minds by willing it towards understanding the world around them. The day I asked the question of, why, on the side of a Tennessee path I was searching for the answers to why my stomach had revolted abruptly and violently. Leaving an otherwise patch of dry leaves moist and putrefied. The immediate causes I tried to line out but the solution still eludes me today. Even through the leaves and my unavailable powers of divination, I could see that my day was done. The “why?” of being there was easy. I have believed for some time that there is a need to show others the impact of migraine. I use arduous efforts of physical endurance to strike conversations about migraine.


I Lost My Light and It Could Have Lost Me Everything

I Lost My Light and It Could Have Lost Me Everything Red, puffy eyes. Swollen runny nose. Frustration, anger, grief, and sadness so intertwined that separating the emotions was impossible.  And the pain; always the pain, unrelenting and never ending, an ache in my head and in my heart that would not go away until I was dead. Symptoms of

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Telemedicine for Migraine Patients

Telemedicine for Migraine Patients More than 39 million Americans suffer from migraine. For me, my migraine attacks started in childhood and unfortunately continued into my adult life, causing not only pain and fatigue but also tremendous frustration about the options for medical treatment and care. In fact, it took years for me to get a correct diagnosis. I felt tremendous

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The Relationship Between Stroke and Migraine

  There are several ways to think about migraine and its relationship to stroke. Migraine is a disease that affects the nerves in our body, as well as the blood vessels. More specifically, it affects the arteries or the blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to the rest of our body. There are two important relationships between migraine

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