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I Lost My Light and It Could Have Lost Me Everything

I Lost My Light and It Could Have Lost Me Everything Red, puffy eyes. Swollen runny nose. Frustration, anger, grief, and sadness so intertwined that separating the emotions was impossible.  And the pain; always the pain, unrelenting and never ending, an ache in my head and in my heart that would not go away until I was dead. Symptoms of

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Telemedicine for Migraine Patients

Telemedicine for Migraine Patients More than 39 million Americans suffer from migraine. For me, my migraine attacks started in childhood and unfortunately continued into my adult life, causing not only pain and fatigue but also tremendous frustration about the options for medical treatment and care. In fact, it took years for me to get a correct diagnosis. I felt tremendous

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The Relationship Between Stroke and Migraine

  There are several ways to think about migraine and its relationship to stroke. Migraine is a disease that affects the nerves in our body, as well as the blood vessels. More specifically, it affects the arteries or the blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to the rest of our body. There are two important relationships between migraine

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