Start a Migraine Club®

Help us reach more people! Start a Migraine Club at your school

Why start a Migraine Club®?

A Migraine Club provides an opportunity for finding personal support, educating others and destigmatizing the disease. A Migraine Club will give you first hand experience in the neuroscience and non-profit worlds. Develop skills in fundraising, social media, website design and neuroscience to help you build your resume!

migraine club

What can a Migraine Club® do?

  • Man a table at health fairs, sports events or other types of gatherings
  • Hold support groups
  • Host education events with guest speakers
  • Have a fundraiser, big or small (need ideas? Try an “Out of My Head” movie screening or a “Wear Purple Day”!)
  • Provide resources to health centers

    …and so much more!

AMD will offer resources and support in starting your own club!

Calling all College Students with Migraine!

Managing migraine along with the stress of college can be a hassle. However, the National Headache Foundation is making this process easier with their Migraine University Survival Toolkit which includes helpful tools like eye masks, pill holders and more. Learn more about the Migraine University program here.

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