Migraine disease affects so many people, saps our economy and complicates our health care delivery system, it is astounding that the government and pharmaceutical companies are not spending more money on research. 

For migraine sufferers, it can be hard to find help.
  • Currently there are less than 500 certified headache specialists to serve the estimated 36 million migraine sufferers

  • Not all neurologists choose to specialize in migraine management

  • Many people have symptoms that are not easily recognized as being associated with migraine disease

  • Most physicians only receive one hour of information about migraine disease during their medical training

We seek to improve this situation.
  • We provide informational handouts for patients that explain why they may have a migraine disorder and outline the treatment options

  • We have a medication guideline handout for physicians to guide them in the management of their migraine patients

  • We support medical educational lectures

  • We have created videos to explain the biology of migraine disease

AMD has sought promising research projects that are consistent with its mission to explore the boundaries of migraine disease and bring hope and answers to chronic migraine sufferers.

Research program

We believe our grant programs create a consistent effort to support the early careers of researchers with an interest in migraine disease


AMD is actively developing cooperative relationships with multiple migraine nonprofit organizations

Reference library

Our reference library of third party links will help you identify and locate additional resources of potential interest

Educational brochures

Our brochures help to inform your patients what they need to know about their migraine disease and how to treat their symptoms