Spotlight on Migraine® Podcast

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Spotlight on Migraine® is a podcast that explores the mysteries of migraine from many perspectives: patients, advocates, caregivers, health professionals and researchers.

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Copy of migraine at work (4)

S4:Ep7 – Brain Donation? There Are More Benefits Than You Think


S4:Ep6 – Eptinezumab for Migraine Prevention

migraine at work

S4:Ep5 – Managing Migraine in the Workplace

Copy of sleep and migraine

S4:Ep4 – Self Care Tips for Facial Pain and Headache

virtual reality (1)

S4:Ep3 – Using Virtual Reality to Treat Migraine

sleep and migraine (2)

S4:Ep2 – The Relationship Between Migraine and Sleep

laser therapy (1)

S4:Ep1 – Light Sensitivity and Migraine

visual snow podcast (2)

S3:Ep35 – Visual Snow Syndrome

Copy of long covid

S3:Ep34 – Therapeutic Laser Treatment for Migraine

relivion podcast

S3:Ep33 – The Relivion Device for Migraine Treatment

long covid

S3:Ep32 – Long Haul COVID and Headaches


S3:Ep31 – Trudhesa: A New Delivery System for DHE

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