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November 2018
Balancing a Career and Migraine Disease

October 2018
Shades of Migraine podcast features A Patient's Aimovig Experience

September 2018
Shades of Migraine podcast features interview with Dr. Brian Grosberg speaking about Hartford Healthcare's innovative multidisciplinary headache center

August 2018
Shades of Migraine podcast features interview with heroic migraine fundraiser and long distance runner Dearric Winchester and his Family

July 2018
Shades of Migraine podcast feature on Hope for Cluster Headaches

June 2018
Shades of Migraine interviews Miles for Migraine's Shirley Kessel about Migraine & Advocacy

May 2018
A Patient Narrative

April 2018
Congress agrees to NIH and NSF funding increase; Migraine World Summit

March 2018
Current Neuromodulation Devices

February 2018
Headache on the Hill 2018

January 2018
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Migraine

December 2017
Holiday Migraine Avoidance Tips

November 2017
Intermittent FMLA: Protection for the Employed Chronic Migraine Sufferer

October 2017
A review of Migraine Apps

September 2017
What Price Migraine Relief?

August 2017
New studies in genetics

July 2017
Stigma revisited

June 2017
Migraine Awareness Month

May 2017
Migraine and Americans w Disabilities Act

April 2017
Migraine and Epilepsy

March 2017
Migraine Advocacy Update

February 2017
Vestibular Migraine

January 2017
2017: A Breakthrough Year for Migraine?

December 2016
Holiday Migraine Prevention Strategy

November 2016
Childhood Migraine Disorders Revisited

October 2016
Novel Approaches to Migraine Treatment 

September 2016
Anti-CGRP Medications: An Update

August 2016
Advances in Non-Drug Therapies for Migraine

July 2016
Migraine Genetics: New Research with Major Implications

June 2016
June is 'Migraine Awareness Month'

May 2016
A Pharmaceutical Industry Update

April 2016
New and Improved Mother’s Day 10M/5K races! A RI fundraiser!

April 2016
Migraine Caregiver Stress

March 2016
Confused About Childhood or Pediatric Migraine Disorders?

February 2016
Medical Marijuana for Migraine? And Other Hot Topics in Current Migraine Research

December 2015
Holiday Migraine Prevention Tips

November 2015
Migraine Disorders – Relationship to Lifestyle and Diet

August 2014
A New Way to Get the Word Out

May 2014
Migraine and Light Sensitivity

April 2014
AMD and Give Local America

I am new to your newsletter and have found it very informative. 

A link to a clinical trial using ginger root caught my eye. I'm happy to report by following the trial protocol my migraines have been reduced by over 50%. 

- Georgette T.