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The Migraine Science Collaborative is an online community for researchers with a goal of improving the success of migraine research projects by providing education and communication tools.

Migraine research includes the study of genetics, neuroimaging, pain pathways, hormones, ion channelopathies, neuromodulators, neuroinflammation and more. Yet, there are few places that allow for collaboration among scientists in all of these areas, that’s where the Migraine Science Collaborative comes in.

This program aims to facilitate communication, collaboration and careers in migraine research.  It will serve to connect members of the community, share a library of information including sources of grants, and grow to fit the needs of members.

Understanding this syndrome will help pain, post-traumatic headache and dizziness syndromes and provide relief for the millions of people who are disabled by their headaches.

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*This program is intended only for clinical and basic researchers. All other applicants will not be granted access.


  1. Register using the sign up form below
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  3. Once you log in, you will be brought to your profile. Please fill out your “About” and profile photo by clicking the gear in the top right corner of your profile page.
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  5. To return to your profile at any time, hover over “Research” in the main navigation > click “Migraine Science Collaborative” > scroll to the bottom of page > log in or click profile photo if already logged in.



Once your membership has been approved, you may access the Migraine Science Collaborative through the button below.

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