Migraine Research Roundtable

AMD’s Migraine Research Roundtable is a series of meetings that gathers 12 clinical and basic science researchers to identify unmet needs and knowledge gaps in migraine research.


  • Amynah Pradhan, PhD, Assistant Professor, Psychiatry, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL
  • Angela O’Neal, MD, Assistant Professor, Neurology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA
  • Carl Saab, MD, Associate Professor, Neuroscience, Brown University, Providence, RI
  • Dan Levy, PhD, Associate Professor, Anesthesia, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
  • David Witsell, MD, Professor, Otolaryngologist, Duke University, Durham, NC
  • Georgia E. Hodes, PhD, Assistant Professor, Neuroscience, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
  • Gregory Dussor, PhD, Associate Professor, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX
  • Jeff Mogil, PhD, Professor, Psychology, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  • Jelena Pavlovic, MD, Assistant Professor, Neurology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY
  • K.C Brennan, MD, Associate Professor, Neurology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, MD
  • Kristine Schulz, DrPH, MPH, Associate Professor, Center for Rehabilitative Sciences and Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
  • Nasim Maleki, PhD, Assistant Professor, Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital, Charlestown, MA
  • Paul L. Durham, PhD, Distinguished Professor, Biology, Missouri State University, Springfield, MO
  • Shivang Joshi, MD, MPH, RPh, Headache Physician, Neurology, DENT Neurologic Institute, Amherst, NY
  • Stephen Silberstein, MD, Professor, Neurology, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA

Meeting 3 - March 2020

Topics and summary to be released after meeting.

Meeting 2 - October 2019

Topics and summary to be released after meeting.

Doctors at a conference table.

Meeting 1 - March 2019

The expert advisory panel focused their discussions on five topic areas: clinical aspects in migraine, migraine mimicking rhinosinusitis, role of hormones and sex differences in migraine, lessons learned from chronic pain and preclinical models of migraine. The expert advisory panel members were basic and clinical researchers and represented diverse perspectives, experiences and thought leadership from the areas of migraine, chronic pain, otolaryngology, stroke and depression. Following the discussions on the five topic areas, the expert advisory panel members identified several recommendations pertaining to these areas.