Migraine Gift Guide

Migraine Gift Guide

With more than 40 million people living with migraine in the US alone, the odds of you having a person with migraine on your holiday shopping list are pretty high.

While many people ask for a new sweater or the latest electronic, a migraine patient’s wish list may look a little different as they seek gifts that are functional or provide comfort.

We’ve asked people with migraine what gifts they’d love to receive this holiday, plus the gifts you should avoid at all costs.

Here’s what they said:

A Blanket & A Handwritten Note
“The best gift someone can give me is a handwritten letter. My absolute favorite gifts have been letters saying that “I am here if you need me” and “thinking of you.” My other favorite gift was a cozy blanket. I spend a lot of time in bed, so anything to make my migraine experience better is appreciated.” – Danielle F.

Massage Gift Certificate
“Massage has been an important part of my self-care routine and migraine management protocol for over five years. I have a membership to Massage Envy, a massage therapy and spa chain with locations across the country. Every month, I treat myself and my body to a pain-relieving cranial sacral massage. I highly recommend gifting a membership!” – Jaime S.

Facial Roller
“I recently got a rose quartz facial roller and it feels like a massage for your face, temples, jaw and neck – I think every person with migraine would benefit from using it at night before bed.”
– Stacy H.



Self-Care Items
Essential oil diffusers, herbal neck pillows, eye masks and migraine head wraps are always appreciated and welcomed. Try making a gift basket of some of these items for the ultimate relaxation gift!

“I find them especially helpful when I’m tensing up before an attack and when I’m trying to de-tense after one.”
– Lisa S.

Blackout Curtains
“A gift that always makes life easier of someone that has chronic migraine is blackout curtains. This is not your typical Christmas gift, but you will be giving someone an area in their house to have year around darkness when they are experiencing sensitivity to light. “
– JP S.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses
“My migraines can be triggered by too much screen time, but with work, it is hard to avoid being on my phone or computer. Blue light blocking glasses can be a life-saver, they allow you to get everything you need to done, without straining your eyes and getting the inevitable migraine that follows.”
– Melissa C.


Emergency Migraine Kit
“Keeping a small pouch of meds, supplements, with an eye mask and earplugs is definitely the way to go! Creating your own to give to someone you care about with migraine is so thoughtful and unique. I call mine my Emergency Migraine Kit.”
– Erica C.

Gift Certificates for Prepared Meals and Services
” Many people with migraine struggle to keep everyday life under control. The person who uses every last ounce of energy and guts to finish the work day with migraine isn’t going to be able to clean the house or cook a dinner. Gift certificates for things like delivery from their favorite local restaurant, housekeeping, or handyman services might make a migraineur’s daily life much easier.”
– Lisa S.




Migraine Distractions
“I love to receive items that can get my mind off migraine, they may not cure my migraine but they act as a form of meditation. Some of my favorites to receive are coloring books and audio books.”
– Amanda C.

AMD Gifts That Give Back

Are you a patient or migraine advocate or just want to support a good cause? Check out a variety of our Shades for Migraine swag from our store!






The gift every person with migraine agreed was the best gift was for time and presence from a loved one. Whether it be a handwritten note, joining a doctor’s visit, or just time spent together, it is the little things that say “I am here if you need me” that mean the most.

There are some commonly given holiday gifts that can trigger migraines which should be avoided at all costs. Although triggers differ from patient-to-patient, it is safer to leave these gifts behind:

  • Candles/ scented lotions/ soaps
  • Perfume
  • Concert tickets
  • Common trigger foods like wine and chocolate

While they may not be all that glamorous, these gifts will give people with migraine a reason to smile.

If you are a person with migraine looking for items to add to your wish list or need inspiration for your loved one who lives with migraine, we hope to give you ideas that can help make this holiday season the best one yet.


Photos: Canva, Wooden Earth Cutlery, Shades for Migraine

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