Children & Migraine Disorders

How migraine disorders manifest in infancy and childhood

Migraine Disability in Children

Migraine disease, as we have pointed out, is acknowledged to have both hereditary and physiological roots in the central nervous system (CNS). Of further interest is how migraine disorders manifest themselves in infancy and childhood.

To understand this complex illness in infants and children you must surrender the notion that migraine is always associated with a painful headache.

Symptoms of migraine disorders in youth are more often seen as colic and gastrointestinal distress. A number of adult migraineurs report being “colicky” as infants, suggesting a developmental aspect to what presents as an already baffling illness. This idea is further borne out by well-designed research.

A questionnaire, PedMIDAS, was developed to assess migraine disability in pediatric and adolescent patients. You may download it here.


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