In Search of the “Magic Bullet”

The past year shapes up to be a particularly productive one in terms of research, and in some cases product roll-out, for potential relief from migraines and related disorders. Oral triptans have been the first line of treatment for migraines for the past several decades, with precious little to look forward to, until recently. Why the new interest from Big Pharma, among others? I would venture an educated guess that at some level, it occurred to some executives, that a potential market (US alone) of 36 million migraineurs could really bolster a bottom line. I would attribute much of this to the publicity given to migraine disorders by scores of organizations both lay and professional, that are demanding attention and action. So maybe something is working?

Many treatment options are still in the pipeline, but some are available now. AMD has been tweeting about them on a regular basis, and in-depth information on these approaches are available via our tweets. So in the interest of space, and attention spans, I submit to you our “Top Ten” most current prospects for new treatment. The list should not be construed as an endorsement, but rather a listing of approaches recently prominent in medical news and research. Position on the list is chronological only, and is followed by the date of the AMD tweet, should you wish to explore further.

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Top 10 current new prospects for migraine treatments:

  • Intranasal Evaporative Cooling (clinical trials) 09 Jun 15

  • Ketoprofen NSAID Gel (clinical trials, off label prescription) 02 Jun 15

  • Sumatriptan Intranasal powder (clinical trials) 30 May 15

  • CGRP Receptor Antagonist (clinical trials) 23 May 15

  • 5-HT1F Receptor Agonist Lasmiditan (clinical trials) 16 May 15

  • Cold Laser Therapy (available) 24 Mar 15

  • Non-Invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation (electroCore, available) 14 Mar 15

  • Image Guided Intra-nasal Lidocaine (preliminary) 7 Mar 15

  • Cefaly Headband (available) 1 Nov 14

  • Glaucoma Drops (available) 20 Sep 14

Again, this is not to construed as medical advice, but rather as an opportunity to allow migraineurs to explore some of the newer methods of treatment and act as their own advocates when dealing with medical professionals. This is an age where we must act as our own advocates. Educate ourselves and demand the very best in treating this life-altering disease!

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