Create a Fundraiser

We are here to help you create a fundraiser for migraine!

Step one.

Decide what type of fundraiser you’d like to run and pick a goal to shoot for.

  • For your birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation or other significant event ask for donations to AMD in your honor
  • Participate in an athletic event and ask for “sponsorships” – running/walking, triathlon, mudrucker, etc.
  • Invent your own challenge and ask for “sponsorships” – Shave your head, paint your face, wear plaid with polka-dots, do sit-ups or give up dessert for a period of time.
  • Organize a small-scale local event like a garage sale, car wash, bake sale, book sale, etc. (Make sure to advertise well ahead of time!)
  • Plan a larger event like a soccer, tennis, golf, frisbee, dart, bridge, bowling tournament, wine-tasting, silent or live auction, etc.

Step two.

Review AMD’s Third-Party Event Policies and Procedures page.

View this document and be sure to email us if you have any questions.

Step three.

Submit the event application.

We can help, send us your questions to get the answers you need to begin.

Step four.

Set up your Crowdrise page and spread the word about your fundraiser.

  • Pending our approval, set up a fundraising page on Crowdrise. On the Association of Migraine Disorders page click on Fundraise for This Charity button. This is the way people can donate money to your fundraiser. You’ll need a photo and an explanation of what you’re doing and why it’s so important to you.
  • We will share a fundraising toolkit that includes facts about migraine disorders and our organization, the AMD and Team Migraine logos, and other materials to help donors understand how their donation will help migraine sufferers.
  • We recommend that you use the Team Migraine name and logo along with branded performance shirts and baseball caps available through our website or other styles of Team Migraine t-shirts available from our Zazzle.com store.
  • Once your page is set up and your fundraiser is organized, tell everyone about it. Share the link to the page via social media, email, snail mail, poster at work/school/church.
  • Tell us about it, too, and we will help spread the word on our social media pages.

Step five.

Conduct your event.

  • Keep people updated on your progress toward your goal.  Be positive and appreciative.
  • Be sure to take photos and videos.
  • Keep track of who has contributed to your fundraiser and send them all a note of thanks. Crowdrise does send tax-receipts automatically, but personal thank you notes are crucial.

Step six.

Wrap it up.

  • Thank everyone again, pat yourself on the back and let us know how it went.
  • Send us those photos and videos you took. We’d love to share what you did on our website.

Accept our humble thanks and appreciation, and know that you did a good thing for a very important but neglected issue affecting millions of Americans.

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