Step one.

Decide what type of fundraiser you’d like to run and pick a goal to shoot for.

  • For your birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation or other significant event ask for donations to AMD in your honor

  • Participate in an athletic event and ask for “sponsorships” – running/walking, triathlon, mudrucker, etc.

  • Invent your own challenge and ask for “sponsorships” – Shave your head, paint your face, wear plaid with polka-dots, do sit-ups or give up dessert for a period of time.

  • Organize a small-scale local event like a garage sale, car wash, bake sale, book sale, etc. (Make sure to advertise well ahead of time!)

  • Plan a larger event like a soccer, tennis, golf, frisbee, dart, bridge, bowling tournament, wine-tasting, silent or live auction, etc.