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The influence of ictal cutaneous allodynia on the response to occipital transcutaneous electrical stimulation in chronic migraine and chronic tension-type headache: A randomized, sham-controlled study.
Bono F1, Salvino D2, Mazza M2, Curcio M2, Trimboli M2, Vescio B2, Quattrone A2

Allodynia and descending pain modulation in migraine: a resting state functional connectivity analysis.
Schwedt TJ1, Larson-Prior L, Coalson RS, Nolan T, Mar S, Ances BM, Benzinger T, Schlaggar BL

Psychiatric comorbidities in allodynic migraineurs.
Kao CH1, Wang SJ, Tsai CF, Chen SP, Wang YF, Fuh JL

Allodynia in migraine: clinical observation and role of prophylactic therapy.
Misra UK1, Kalita J, Bhoi SK

Triggers in allodynic and non-allodynic migraineurs. A clinic setting study.
Baldacci F1, Vedovello M, Ulivi M, Vergallo A, Poletti M, Borelli P, Cipriani G, Nuti A, Bonuccelli U

Alice In Wonderland syndrome

Alice in Wonderland and Other Migraine Associated Phenomena-Evolution Over 30 Years After Headache Diagnosis.
Dooley JM1, Augustine HF2, Gordon KE2, Brna PM2, Westby E2

Complex hallucinations and panic attacks in a 13-year-old with migraines: the alice in wonderland syndrome.
George D, Bernard P

Characteristics and evolution of patients with Alice in Wonderland syndrome.
Losada-Del Pozo R1, Cantarín-Extremera V, García-Peñas JJ, Duat-Rodríguez A, López-Marín L, Gutiérrez-Solana LG, Ruiz-Falcó ML

Acute confusional migraine: is it a distinct form of migraine?
Pacheva I1, Ivanov I


Before the headache: infant colic as an early life expression of migraine.
Gelfand AA1, Thomas KC, Goadsby PJ

A migraine variant with abdominal colic and Alice in Wonderland syndrome: a case report and review.
Hamed SA

Association between childhood migraine and history of infantile colic.
Romanello S1 JC, Wood C, Zuccotti GV, Crichiutti G, Alberti C, Titomanlio L., Spiri D, Marcuzzi E, Zanin A, Boizeau P, Riviere S, Vizeneux A, Moretti R, Carbajal R, Mercier

Migraine and childhood periodic syndromes in children and adolescents.
Gelfand AA

Cough and Migraine PL

Migraine after sneezing: pathophysiological considerations, focused on the difference with coughing.
van Oosterhout WP1, Haan J.

Chiari-associated exertional, cough, and sneeze headache responsive to medical therapy.
Buzzi MG1, Formisano R, Colonnese C, Pierelli F.

Topiramate-induced intractable cough during migraine prophylaxis.
Maggioni F1, Mampreso E, Mainardi F, Lisotto C, Malvindi ML, Zanchin G.

Cough-induced hemiplegic migraine with impaired consciousness in cystic fibrosis.
Rao DS1, Infeld MD, Stern RC, Chelimsky TC.

Primary cough headache, primary exertional headache, and primary headache associated with sexual activity: a clinical and radiological study.
Donnet A1, Valade D, Houdart E, Lanteri-Minet M, Raffaelli C, Demarquay G, Hermier M, Guegan-Massardier E, Gerardin E, Geraud G, Cognard C, Levrier O, Lehmann P.

Modified Valsalva test differentiates primary from secondary cough headache.
Lane RJ1, Davies PT.

Ear Problems

Otalgia associated with migraine.
Teixido M1, Seymour P, Kung B, Lazar S, Sabra O.

The red ear syndrome.
Giorgio Lambru, Sarah Miller, and Manjit S Matharu

Neuro-otological symptoms in patients with migraine.
Porta-Etessam J1, García-Cobos R, Cuadrado ML, Casanova I, Lapeña T, García-Ramos R.

Inner ear disorders.
Smouha E

Symptom: Ear Plugging.
Djalilian, Hamid R. MD

Interstitial Cystitis

Non-bladder conditions in female Taiwanese patients with interstitial cystitis/hypersensitive bladder syndrome.
Fan YH1, Lin AT, Lu SH, Chuang YC, Chen KK.

Temporal ordering of interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome and non-bladder conditions.
Clemens JQ1, Elliott MN, Suttorp M, Berry SH.

Co-morbidities of interstitial cystitis.
Chelimsky G1, Heller E, Buffington CA, Rackley R, Zhang D, Chelimsky T.

Comorbid health conditions in women with syncope.
Ulas UH1, Chelimsky TC, Chelimsky G, Mandawat A, McNeeley K, Alshekhlee A.

Antecedent nonbladder syndromes in case-control study of interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome.
Warren JW1, Howard FM, Cross RK, Good JL, Weissman MM, Wesselmann U, Langenberg P, Greenberg P, Clauw DJ.

Mal de Debarquement

Clinical features and associated syndromes of Mal de Debarquement.
Yoon-Hee Cha, MD, Jae Brodsky, MS, […], and Robert W. Baloh, MD

Rocking dizziness and headache: a two-way street.
Cha YH1, Cui Y.

Readaptation of the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex Relieves the Mal De Debarquement Syndrome.
Mingjia Dai, Bernard Cohen, […], and Catherine Cho

Getting Your Sea Legs.
Thomas A. Stoffregen, Fu-Chen Chen, […], and Benoît G. Bardy

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for Mal de Debarquement Syndrome.
Yoon-Hee Cha, MD, Yongyan Cui, BS, and Robert W. Baloh, MD

Neurogenic Bladder

Is there a relationship between chronic bladder dysfunction and somatic symptoms in other body regions? 1. Clinical observations.
Zermann DH, Ishigooka M, Schubert J, Schmidt RA.

Acute Urinary Retention as an Unusual Manifestation of Aseptic Meningitis.
Takahiro ZENDA1), Ryuichirou SOMA1), Hiroaki MURAMOTO1), Hideo HAYASE2), Matsuo ORITO3), Toshihide OKADA4), Hiroshi MABUCHI4), Soichi OKINO5)

Central control of autonomic function and involvement in neurodegenerative disorders.
Cersosimo MG1, Benarroch EE.

Neurogenic orthostatic hypotension: pathophysiology, evaluation, and management.
Manuela Metzler, Susanne Duerr, Roberta Granata, Florian Krismer, David Robertson, and Gregor K. Wenning corresponding author

Global approach to chronic pelvic and perineal pain: from the concept of organ pain to that of dysfunction of visceral pain regulation systems.
Labat JJ1, Riant T, Delavierre D, Sibert L, Watier A, Rigaud J.


Clinical features associated with ictal osmophobia in migraine.
Baldacci F1, Lucchesi C, Ulivi M, Cafalli M, Vedovello M, Vergallo A, Prete ED, Nuti A, Bonuccelli U, Gori S.

Olfactory function in migraine both during and between attacks.
Marmura MJ1, Monteith TS, Anjum W, Doty RL, Hegarty SE, Keith SW.

Odorant substances that trigger headaches in migraine patients.
Silva-Néto RP1, Peres MF, Valença MM.

Osmophobia as an early marker of migraine: a follow-up study in juvenile patients.
De Carlo D1, Toldo I, Dal Zotto L, Perissinotto E, Sartori S, Gatta M, Balottin U, Mazzotta G, Moscato D, Raieli V, Rossi LN, Sangermani R, Soriani S, Termine C, Tozzi E, Vecchio A, Zanchin G, Battistella PA.

Clinical correlates and diagnostic utility of osmophobia in migraine.
Wang YF1, Fuh JL, Chen SP, Wu JC, Wang SJ.

Torticollis (neck spasms)

A loss-of-function CACNA1A mutation causing benign paroxysmal torticollis of infancy.
Vila-Pueyo M1, Gené GG2, Flotats-Bastardes M3, Elorza X2, Sintas C4, Valverde MA2, Cormand B4, Fernández-Fernández JM2, Macaya A5.

Familial PRRT2 mutation with heterogeneous paroxysmal disorders including paroxysmal torticollis and hemiplegic migraine.
Dale RC1, Gardiner A, Antony J, Houlden H.

Migraine Equivalents in Childhood.
Teixeira KC1, Montenegro MA, Guerreiro MM.

PRRT2 mutations and paroxysmal disorders.
Méneret A1, Gaudebout C, Riant F, Vidailhet M, Depienne C, Roze E.

Migraine variants–occurrence in pediatric neurology practice.
Pacheva IH1, Ivanov IS.

Trigeminal Migraine (facial pain)

Vertigo and Ataxia

Value of clinical data and vestibular testing in a population of 101 patients with recurrent vestibulopathy.
Martin-Sanz E1, Salamanca EV, Cabrero AM, Esteban J, Muerte I, Sanz-Fernández R.

Migraine-associated vertigo: diagnosis and treatment.
Cha YH.

Vestibular migraine.
Stolte B1, Holle D1, Naegel S1, Diener HC1, Obermann M2.

Epigone migraine vertigo (EMV): a late migraine equivalent.
Pagnini P, Vannucchi P, Giannoni B, Pecci R.

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