There are many medical professionals from various specialties as well as alternative healthcare providers that are passionate and well-informed about migraine. While there are less than 600 certified headache specialists in the US, there are other care providers who can support people with migraine.

*The caregivers in this list were submitted by the caregivers themselves. They have not been vetted by the Association of Migraine Disorders. Please research and use your own discretion to decide if a provider suits your needs.*

Douglas Hoffman, MD, PhD Practice: Kaiser Permanente
Phone: 855-603-3456
Website: Click To View Site
Specialty: Otolaryngology

Otolaryngologists (ear, nose, and throat) specialists are uniquely suited to determine if pain comes from migraine or some other head and neck problem.

Michelle Inserra, MD Practice: Ear Associates, Inc.
Phone: 408-540-5400
Website: Click To View Site
Specialty: Neurotology, Otology

As an otologist, I treat many disorders causing dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance. Vestibular migraine is a common cause of these symptoms. Treatment includes lifestyle changes, nutraceuticals, and preventive therapy.

Jane Jollie, NMD Practice: Regeneration Medical Center
Phone: 480-214-2007
Specialty: Naturopathic Medicine
Suryarao Mudragada, MD Address:
Phone: 1-334-727-0550
Specialty: Psychiatry