Migraine: The Biggest Test to My Career

Having lived with constant migraine pain for the past six years, I’ve found migraine to be the biggest test of my career. For years, the disease has made it hard to get to work and impossible to focus when I am fortunate enough to make it to my desk. 

At one point my migraine attacks even stole my career. They forced me to quit my job, sublet my New York apartment and move to my parent’s home because I couldn’t function in my pain any longer. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to endure. 


Feeling hopeful about Aimovig

If you have not yet heard of Aimovig, it’s a new preventative migraine treatment option for adults. I am trying it, and feeling hopeful.


Thoughts on the ER

Have you felt let down by the ER? Here’s a bit more detail on how I feel that the ER is missing the boat for me, as a migraine sufferer.

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