On March 19, 2016, The Association of Migraine Disorders participated in the Inaugural Brown “Brain Fair” held at Brown University at Sayles Hall. The turnout was excellent as scores of interested Fair-goers explored numerous interesting exhibits pertaining to brain science, many of which were interactive, and showcased the growing RI neuroscience community.

The AMD exhibit garnered even more attention than usual as we featured mini-massages by Sara Whitney, a consultant with the Association. This additional attraction allowed AMD to expose many more migraineurs to the latest in research and information regarding this crippling illness and its variants. Additionally we ran our trade mark Migraine Pathophysiology video on a loop during the entire Fair.

The Brain Fair was but one of many events offered during Brain Week Rhode Island which ran from March 12-19, 2016. It’s success suggests the event will be repeated next year. For more information explore www.brainweekri.org.

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