American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Foundation

Dallas, Texas
September 26-30, 2015

This is an international meeting of otolaryngologists with a choice of major guest lecturers, instructional courses, miniseminars, oral presentations, committee meetings, posters and a large expo.  15,000 participants.

Relevance to AMD: opportunity to have a booth in the expo to distribute information about migraine disorders in the field of head and neck disease.  There are currently several lectures and posters that discuss the diagnosis and treatment of migraine-related vestibulopathy and sinusitis.

Instructional Courses

  • Botulinum Toxin for Headache and Pain
    Andrew Blitzer, MD; William J Binder, MD
  • Sinus Headache, Migraine, and the Otolaryngologist
    Mark Mehle, MD
  • An Evidence-based Approach to Practice Management of Dizzy Patients
    David R Friedland, MD, PhD
  • More Than a Headache: Migraine for the Otolaryngologist (2 hours)
    Michael T Teixido, MD; John P Carey, MD
  • Medical and Surgical Decision Making in Refractory Rhinosinusitis (2 hours)
    Pete S Batra, MD; Donald C Lanza, MD; Samer Fakhri, MD
  • Meniere or Migraine: Similarities, Differences, Treatments
    Jack J Wazen, MD; Herbert Silverstein, MD
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Management for the Otolaryngologist
    Michael Hoffer, MD; Ben J Balough, MD


  • The Room is Spinning! Integrative Treatments for Balance Disorders
    Marilene B Wang (moderator); Joel A Goebel, MD; Yuri Agrawal, MD; Agnes Czibulka, MD; Michael Seidman, MD; Chau T Nguyen, MD
  • Evaluation and Treatment of Patients with Complex Dizziness
    Seilish Babu, MD (moderator); Marc L Bennett, MD, MBA; James V  Crawford, MD; Bradley W Kesser, MD
  • FESS: Is It Really That Successful – What Should We Tell Our Patients?
    Rodney J Schlosser, MD (moderator); Zachary Soler, MD; Timothy L Smith, MD; Luke Rudmik, MD, MSc; Adam DeConde, MD; Jeremiah A Alt, MD, PhD
  • Atypical Facial Pain: Pearls for the Otolaryngologist
    Chau T Ngugen, MD (moderator); Marilene B Wang, MD; Malcolm B Taw, MD; James Y Suen, MD; Adrian M Agius, MD, PhD

Oral Presentations

  • QOL in Meniere’s Patients Treated with Migraine Prophylaxis
    Yaser Ghavami, MD Jay Bhatt, MD; Omid Moshtaghi; Jeffery Gu; Kasra Ziai, MD; Harrison W Lin, MD; Hamid R Djalilian, MD
  • Use of Imaging for Sinus Complaints in United States Emergency Rooms
    Rosh KV Sethi, MD, MPH; Elliott D Kozin, MD; Matthew R Naunheim, MD, MBA; Ahmad R Sedaghat, MD; Mark G Shrime MD, MPH; Stacey T Gray, MD
  • A New Technology for the Diagnosis of Chronic Maxillary Sinusitis
    Carolyn A Coughan, MD; Joon You, PhD; James Kim; Haotian Cui, MD; Naveen D Bhandarkar, MD; Albert Cerussi, PhD; Sean Y Ison
  • Acute Rhinosinusitis: Prescription Patterns in a Real World Setting
    Michael S Benninger, MD; Chantal E Holy, PhD; Douglas K Trask, MD, PhD
  • Does Personality Have a Role in Causation of Sinonasal Symptoms?
    Alexander C Yao; Naveed Kara, MD, FRCS; Janet A Wilson, MD, FRCS


  • A Prospective Study of Fore-Aft Vection in Subjects with Migraine
    Mark Miller; Benjamin T Crane, MD, PhD
  • The Perception of Visual Vertical in Patients with Migraine
    Mark Miller; Benjamin T Crane, MD, PhD
  • NO as a Screening Tool for Evaluation of Postoperative State of CRS
    Ji Won Seo, MDl Woo Yong Bae, MDl Jae Hoon Lee, MD; Tae Kyung Kah, MD; Young Hee Nam, MD; Jin-A Jung, MD

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