2020 Migraine Symposium Recap

The Association of Migraine Disorders (AMD) saw a record number of registrants for their annual Migraine Symposium. Migraine patients, medical professionals, caretakers, and researchers from all over the world participated in the free, educational event held on October 3. For the first time, the Migraine Symposium was held virtually.


“While the global health pandemic shifted our symposium to an online format, we found hosting a virtual symposium allowed us to educate and inform a global audience on advancements in migraine. The virtual format allowed us to reach many who would otherwise be excluded from an in-person event, ” said Frederick Godley, MD and president of AMD.


“Thank you for providing this informative conference. I would not have access to the information if I had to pay for conference fees, airfare, hotel, per diem, etcetera” – A symposium attendee


The symposium had attendees from the US, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Romania, Brazil, England, Ireland, Australia, Venezuela, Germany, Argentina, Wales, Indonesia, Macedonia, Russia, Poland, Bangladesh, Italy, Switzerland, Qatar, Norway, China, and Saudi Arabia.


Broken down into two tracks, the symposium catered to medical professionals and the general public. 


“Very impressed with all you all did for this, especially with it having a large number of speakers from different places and I hope you all do commend yourselves for it” – A symposium attendee


Just over 30 percent of attendees were medical professionals representing a variety of specialties, including; neurology, osteopathy, audiology, otolaryngology, endocrinology, primary care, emergency medicine, pharmacy, neurotology, gynecology, physical therapy, nutrition, chiropractic, pain rehabilitation, oncology, and orthopedics. Of these professionals, 100 earned Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits.  


“It has such diversity and topics for all on all levels. There is something for everyone” – An attendee


Symposium attendance continues to grow year after year, and AMD has set goals to meet logistical challenges presented when hosting an international audience. 

For 2021, AMD hopes to include expert presentations on ocular migraine, co-morbid conditions, genetics, and headache types, along with new research and treatment options.

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