The American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery held its 2014 Conference in Orlando, FLA, last week and the Association of Migraine Disorders was an active participant on many levels. We manned a very busy booth for 3 days and interacted with literally hundreds of physicians, many of whom requested more information on AMD’s perspective on the spectrum of migraine disease. In addition both our Board Chair and Vice-Chair, Drs Frederick Godley and Michael Teixido respectively gave well attended presentations on the Pathophysiology of Migraine, and Migraine Associated Vertigo and Related Ear Problems. A very common question at the booth was ” what do ENTs have to do with treating migraine, isn’t that up to Neurologists?”

This question, which we had anticipated, led to lively discussions regarding the need for a multi-disciplinary approach, the various presentations of migraine disease at many different specialties, and the problem of withering funding. Our message was quite clear: eliminate the silos and territoriality between the specialties and our chances of better understanding this disease in its myriad manifestations will increase exponentially. In a word, COLLABORATE. The message was well received and we were delighted at the number of physicians, from around the world, that agreed with our mission and approach, and were eager for more information.

The AAO conference was critical for us in a number of domains. It helped to better establish us as a player on the national and international stages. Our website and brand were disseminated broadly. Further, it allowed AMD to showcase the research we support in ultimate service to search for a cure and better the lives of suffering migraineurs around the world!

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